Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Our Destination

Here's our humble abode for the next several months--ta da! THE SHEDS. The forefront is the kitchen/living/dining room;the latter, the bedroom. The bath house is just left of the tree and will be featured later. We want to be sure the "throne" is ready to be photographed. We are going from a 2200 sf home to two 144 sf buildings--won't we have fun? You can't see the 8ft walkway in between. It is at the ends of the walkway that we may have to string a line of cans to allow us to sleep with the doors open--our bear alarm.

The Sheds are located about a quarter of a mile from the main road. In replying to friends' emails asking when we'll arrive, I realize we'll need a signal indicating we are home. I think I'll find a nice ribbon and tie around a tree at the road entrance to indicate we are "en casa." Suggestions? Email me.


wildandscenic said...

Finally, I get to see what the sheds look like! Awaiting your arrival.

Dan-D said...

Vivian, you have a very respectable site! I look forward to your and Richard's experiences up yonder in the Catskills.

Gene and I know about the black bears. In our 9 years in the Poconos, we had many visitors, one climbed a tree in our yard and wouldn't come down all day.

Another hung around our woodpile and we depenced on our fireplace to keep our place warm.

Anyway, I just sent Chip your URL and told him again who you two are. This time I didn't screw up with your children's vocations.

Hope the four of you can meet; perhaps at their retreat in the West VA hills just off I=81.

Dan D