Sunday, June 11, 2006

Prepping for the Big Move

Time is running out
...packing clothes, cleaning house, running those last-minute errands...stress has hog tied my body! One more cousin to visit who won't be around when I return in November...where are my sweaters? rain gear? groceries? Clean out the fridges... Must buy some of those precooked bacon packages...yikes, I don't remember seeing them last time in the grocery store! Income tax forms (now that my jewelry hobby is a bona fide business, I must file quarterly)...back up computer programs, download some music, but, hey, I need to read the directions first...well, figure it out in the car......notify the neighbors... I'm breathless.

The trip is three days and nights from Mississippi to New York. I've memorized every marker, every town, every welcome center. Excitement grows as we enter Pennsylvania, for then it's a few hours from Harrisburg to Barryville. The map above shows the area in relation to other states. We are outside the village of YULAN and nestled inside a 50 acre property. Our second son is anxiously waiting for us to share the summer with him. We are fortunate to have three adult kids (is there another term for them?) who enjoy our presence. This summer will be less construction and more enjoyment of kicking back.....oh, I forgot,there'll be a welcome wagon of no-see-ums and mosquitos. Now, where did we put those mosquito net hats??

Phone calls to friends in NY have started excitement rushing through my body. I'm ready to leave traffic for quiet roads and silence. I no longer worry about our cat Bobbisox adjusting to the wildlife. I read online this morning of a tabby cat scaring a bear up a tabby should be just as forceful.

The next entry will be after July 1 when we've visited our daughter and with her and the boys we'll celebrate a late 50th wedding anniversary (ours, not theirs, of course). What better company could we have?

By Friday we'll be looking at the scene below in front of our cabin.
Why doncha'cum an' visit awhile, huh? (Just to remind you I'm Southern.)

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Parting

The papers were signed on Wednesday. Four hours to separate belongings. I had dreaded this moment for three years. The inevitable had been too difficult to face. We had to divorce.

Our love affair began ten years ago. This handsome specimen was sleek, fast, comfortable to be with. Together we explored the beauty of the West, the intrigues of big cities of the East. Then our lives changed tracks and my companion and I had to part. Despite my declaration that this would be a life-long love, it couldn't be. I had to touch his body once more, whisper tender phrases in his ear, say farewell.

Our Airstream van motorhome went to live with a couple just starting their lives in travel. I was glad to see my dear companion find someone who'd take utmost care in his behalf. We parted outside town and L and M returned to Louisiana happy with their purchase.

Friday, June 02, 2006

My Origin

I'm a mix of country girl and telegrapher, Cherokee and British heritage, dusty, gravel roads and boiling city sidewalks, a room here, a duplex there, always transient.

I'm from the wafting fragrance of gardenias, the stalwart gladiola,
rose bushes smiling through the window, lightning bugs in the evening, four-leaf clovers.

I'm from switches on skinny legs, birthday cake on a tiny pedestal plate, swings in Poindexter Park, ice cream cones from Seale-Lily, tiny eyeglasses, porch swing after supper, wartime rations, tin can collections, war bonds.

From pink dresses with pockets, a cherished bike, telegrams on special days, nightly hair rolling, evening strolls after supper, polio scare and shots, tap dance lessons.

I'm from Vacation Bible Schools, Bible-thumping preachers under tents, Sunday funny papers, Hit Parade and radio dramas on Saturday nights, Saturday matinees.

I'm from freshly-baked biscuits smothered with syrup, Blue Ribbon milk, home made cakes and Christmas divinity, summer vegetables, hot corn bread, Sunday morning pancakes, 5 cent Krystals, and hot tamales from the corner vendor.

From Reader's Digest issues, Saturday rides to the public library, games of Monopoly and Go Fishing, walks to and from school, vinyl records.

I'm from Daddy's silly poems, Mother's weekly notes, Sister's dance recitals, summers at Camp Montreat, NC., wonderful times when we loved and shared love.

Woodstock is Alive Again, Sort of

Bethel, NY, is located about 25 miles from my summer neck of the woods. It may not be a familiar name to those outside the New York area, but once I say it is the town most famous for the Woodstock Festival of the Sixties, you reply, "Ah, yessss". Today it is known as Bethel Woods.

An article from the June 1, 2006 issue of the River Reporter, Narrowsburg, NY, gives the following facts about the new Bethel Woods:

*The original Woodstock field will be a "festival" field that can hold up to 30,000 concertgoers. Pavilions and buildings in stone, wood, and copper have been planned and the performing arts facility, which will house 4800 seats will feature top rated performers and orchestras.
*A parking facility will be available for 10,000 vehicles.
*Next year an outdoor amphitheater,a museum, and an interpretive center will be opened.
*For comfort of the artists a private back-stage outdoor patio will be available. Room for three tractor-trailers will be available at the rear of the stage.

A native of nearby Liberty, NY, Alan Gerry purchased the original Woodstock site and 1700 acres with the plan to transform the site for top-rated performances. The cost of the project is $70 million.

July 1 opened with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
Other July performers include Ashlee Simpson and the Veronicas, Phil Lesh and Friends, and Brad Paisley.
July 22-23 will be Jazz Fest Weekend featuring George Benson, Wynton Marsalis, Chris Botti, and John Pizzarelli, among others.
In August Crosby, Stills, and Nash and the Boston Pops will entertain.

How lucky can a Mississippian get, with such outstanding performances available just down the road? That beautiful field mussed up by hippies of Woodstock fame will now be available for those bringing their own lawn chairs and paying a wee bit less for tickets. This area will attract many people from neighboring states.