Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Past and Present

In our family treasure trove of famous experiences we recall one Valentine's Day that daughter JE insisted on giving all her second graders a card. She waited until six o'clock the 13th to make this decision.Off to the local drugstore where a package of 50 was reduced to $1.00. Closing the door to her room, she refused let any of us see what she was writing on each of the 24 cards.

The following day her teacher sat down with me at lunch at the school where I and the three kids went daily. She asked, "Did you read your daughter's words on the cards she gave her classmates?" I gazed at her a millisecond wondering if this question meant JE showed cleverness or stupidity. I shook my head no and she continued, "She wished them a 'happy VD day'," and burst out laughing. I had to smile.

I've always admired my husband's ability to deliver two-liner rhymes. This year I decided to extend my writing ability to poetry. I began by finishing his rhymes daily (something we do when driving in the car long distances). I became brave enough to send rhyming birthday greetings to my friends. After all, these verses were original and funny. In a pinch I'd have to ask R for help. After a month of producing verses I was exhausted. Today, I woke up, stumbled to the kitchen where I found written:

Ode to My Valentine

Hip hip hooray for Valentine's Day
A time to love a time to play.
A chance to express my love for you
In a very, very special way.
So here it is, for what it's worth,
A V'day gift in an obtuse verse--
(That may suffice for candy and spice).
Again I say, hip hip hooray
For a wonderful, loving Valentine's Day.

Well, I couldn't refuse to pen my own words:

To R on This Day

Ho, ho, ho, hey, hey, hey,
Finally today is Valentine's Day
Thanks for always being here
Delivering your daily dose of cheer;
Luv ya', luv ya', luv ya', Dear.

Crazy poetry can be the spice of life!

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