Sunday, June 11, 2006

Prepping for the Big Move

Time is running out
...packing clothes, cleaning house, running those last-minute errands...stress has hog tied my body! One more cousin to visit who won't be around when I return in November...where are my sweaters? rain gear? groceries? Clean out the fridges... Must buy some of those precooked bacon packages...yikes, I don't remember seeing them last time in the grocery store! Income tax forms (now that my jewelry hobby is a bona fide business, I must file quarterly)...back up computer programs, download some music, but, hey, I need to read the directions first...well, figure it out in the car......notify the neighbors... I'm breathless.

The trip is three days and nights from Mississippi to New York. I've memorized every marker, every town, every welcome center. Excitement grows as we enter Pennsylvania, for then it's a few hours from Harrisburg to Barryville. The map above shows the area in relation to other states. We are outside the village of YULAN and nestled inside a 50 acre property. Our second son is anxiously waiting for us to share the summer with him. We are fortunate to have three adult kids (is there another term for them?) who enjoy our presence. This summer will be less construction and more enjoyment of kicking back.....oh, I forgot,there'll be a welcome wagon of no-see-ums and mosquitos. Now, where did we put those mosquito net hats??

Phone calls to friends in NY have started excitement rushing through my body. I'm ready to leave traffic for quiet roads and silence. I no longer worry about our cat Bobbisox adjusting to the wildlife. I read online this morning of a tabby cat scaring a bear up a tabby should be just as forceful.

The next entry will be after July 1 when we've visited our daughter and with her and the boys we'll celebrate a late 50th wedding anniversary (ours, not theirs, of course). What better company could we have?

By Friday we'll be looking at the scene below in front of our cabin.
Why doncha'cum an' visit awhile, huh? (Just to remind you I'm Southern.)


Endment said...

Sullivan County is awaiting your arrival!

Wildside Musing said...

Fabulous! Simply fabulous!

And congratulations on making it to 50 years!

Thanks for commenting on my "More Musings" blog... I replied to you there a short bit.

MojoMan said...

I find it somehow ironic that you have to travel from Mississippi to NEW YORK to get away from it all. But, as a once-upon-a-time New Yorker I know there are still plenty of great places in the Empire State.

I hope your trip is a safe one and I look forward to your tales from off the grid.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Good luck on your journey...and congratulations on your anniversary!

harmonyinline said...

Happy packing...