Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Daily Parade

No matter how often we see it, nor the number of times a day, the parade of turkeys evokes from us the same thrill of discovery. The family crossing the road, little spots on the tarmac dutifully following mom, suddenly become a family of teenagers wobbling faster as their legs grow stronger.

Then there are the six toms who faithfully cross the road, walking towards our yard, seemingly aimlessly, until we watch the now familiar path they take each evening, pulling at the blueberries as they go. Up the hill to the back of the cabin where they find their nesting trees. We watch this parade daily--this marvel of nature.

Deer don't parade. We do have a doe who seems lost from her family. She nibbles and cavorts through the trees. Just last week a 4 point buck stood not 20 feet away from us, interested only in the delicious leaves of the mountain laurel. He pays no attention as we whisper, point our camera, snap a few times. We twist our fingers hoping he doesn't see our new flower garden.

Interesting, isn't it, how little we notice creatures of nature when we live in the city? I'm waiting for the parade of bears to cross our yard one evening. Now's the time for their migration. Wouldn't that be a magnificent sight?


MojoMan said...

Doesn't it seem paradoxical that, as development swallows ever more open space, wildlife populations seem to be increasing? Deer and turkey are so numerous around here now, that they may soon be regarded as pests. That's already happened with geese.

Endment said...

Tell your turkeys that we have extra scratch out if they would like to come visit... Would you like a woodchuck? He ate my lettuce and peppers and is looking for a new home!!!

harmonyinline said...

what a wonderful parade and daily you are fortunate!

Kate said...

You remember me as Archaeologist from Autumn Leaves -- but I've been lured (seduced?) over here. Much easier to leave notes for you now I'm a member. And love your posts, as usual.