Saturday, July 28, 2007

Acclimation Easy, But....

We are now back in the Catskills where the rain that fell in Mississippi has followed us here. Not fun to be cooped up in two 12'x12' buildings with two crossword puzzle books and fighting the humid air. But, that's not as bad as not being to communicate.

If I'd never known of computers and cell phones, I think I'd have been better off. I have to go 5 miles to be within a cell tower, which is ok, but my new wireless connection just didn't get me the help for my computer that I'd expected. That has been so frustrating, since I have a small business that depends on orders via emails.I now have found by hiking up the hill behind our cabin I can get just the right height to get a cell phone connection. But the hike isn't easy. Should I complain???

But let's look on the cheery side, mate. I love it here. Right now there are few animals or fowl roaming around, no bird sounds, only the scrubbing sound of a limb above our cabins. Makes us remember we're in the woods.

Neighbors say to look out for the 650 lb bear wandering on our property. You betcha! We are armed with whistles and a tin pan and spoon which we "play" as we wander. Now how can I ever find such excitement in the city?


mreddie said...

I will have to say that a 650lb bear is about too much excitement for me and I would probably want a brass band with me when I walked. :) It does sound like a neat place up there. ec

Naomi said...

Unfortunately that's one of the downsides of being in the countryside, it's sometimes difficult to get connections for phones and computers. It's as if nature is trying to tell us something - take a break from the outside world. Thanks for stopping by Diary From England. I'm back from holiday now and just came across to say, "Hello". Take care and watch out for the bear!