Monday, February 04, 2008

Oo--ee, Eli Showed His Stuff

Every Mississippian who could, remained glued to his television set Sunday night to cheer for the NY Giants during the Super Bowl game. I'm not, but I watched like others to see Eli Manning and his NY Giant teammates win the game. Only father Archie and mother Olivia are Mississippians, but father and sons are seen in many advertisements that are published and broadcast in our state, reminding us that they still feel connected. The sons attended Ole' Miss at Oxford and Eli is helping establish a children's wing to be named after him at the University Medical Center in Jackson.

Who got the free tickets from Eli to attend the game? Despite each player having 15 free tickets, Eli had 70 friends, some from high school and a few from Ole Miss plus a few friends of the parents. What a cheering squad! Unknown, but suspected, were the thousands of us cheering Eli, as we did with Peyton, only a year ago.

A recent update: The house in Drew where Archie lived, and the one I passed by for nine months, is now being renovated and will be a museum with photos and memorabilia. Green Street, where I boarded, will be renamed Manning Street. Whatever else happens in Drew is anyone's guess. It's not a growing town. The Delta just isn't the same anymore...

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CountryCouture said...

Here's a long comment...feel free to delete it once you a finished reading! I found your blog when I searched for louisiana homesteaders on google. At first, I assumed the older posts I read referenced Jackson, LA. I now realize that you are writing from MS,home of my roots. Are you really 75 years old and blogging? I read that you graduated college in '54. As I read more and more of your entries, I realized we have a lot in common. My Dad grew up in Inverness, Mother in Yazoo City. We are related by marriage to the Mannings. We had family who lived in Treasure Cove in Jackson. My great-grandmother was best friends with Ross Barnett. Mom and Dad went to State. I went to LSU. Now I'm a sorority gal trying to get off the grid :) I've linked you to my page!