Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Party's Over

For the last four days I and millions of others have watched, sometimes too much, their computers waitin...waiting...waiting for two eggs a phoebe allen hummingbird has tended to with responsibility. Over 385,000 in the U. S. watched, and thousands more all over the world. This tiny bird would have gone nuts if she had realized the number of eyes watching for the hatching event. The eggs were due to crack wide open today, March 16. One opening egg was attacked by a lizard so mama had to discard that one. The other egg just wouldn't progressed.

And so by 5 pm (more or less)by Southern California time lil' mama deserted her nest. The world was as disappointed as she was. I am greatful to C M for informing me of the website.

The party's over until another webcam begins...

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