Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January 15, 2011

Remember how we used to count hours, days, weeks, and months until that special day arrived? Each month since September I've been aware of the 15th. In September on a Sunday of that time in the month R and I received a wonderful gift--our first grandchild. Now to all of you who have grandchildren already running around may forget the first one; you probably were fortunate to have them early. But to R and me, we're in our mid 70's and having a grandson for the first time has revealed mixed emotions. January 15th will mark HB's fourth month to be in our world.  He is adorable, the son of beautiful parents and loving grandparents. Now, R and I know we have to make the most of our time (and I'm not worried, as I'm living until 140!) profitable in experience for this little tyke.

As we think of the ensuing years we hope to make an impression with him so he'll remember us. Will we see him graduate? Marry? Have a family of his own? Probably not; however, we'll make each time with him the best we can contribute.

If you're a grandmom or g'pop, give me some good ideas how we can preserve our time with him so in future years he'll remember his other grandparents. 


Jim said...

The best to have H. remember you? Your famous birthday magnets!

CabinWriter-- said...

Thanks for the reminder, Jim.

20th Century Woman said...

In general, I find that children are not interested in old folks. The nice thing about grandchildren is that they are actually interested in their own grandparents. I have grandchildren in a range of ages.... the oldest is 28, the youngest 3. I have already seen the oldest grow up. He has a wife and a baby. So I have 1 great grandchild. I probably will not see that one grow up -- but you never know. My mother lived to be 100 and she had a lot of greats. I like to think that my blog is one way my grandchildren can know me. Someday most of them will wonder about their ancestors and will take an interest in the things I write about in my blog. That's my hope.

CabinWriter-- said...

You're correct--our blogs hopefully will be a testament of our thinking process, beliefs, and give a general idea of what life was like for us. Thanks for the reminder.