Monday, December 26, 2011

Appreciation at Christmas

Christmas Day this year had a special meaning. Our grandson at age 15 months brought the wonderment of a child in the same way that Baby Jesus awed the shepherds and the Wise Men. Our lives alone were becoming meaningless until Henry came along. You who are grandparents already know and understand the meaning of a new generation with  your own grandchildren.

This year watching our child imbued with enthusiasm in the simple joy of smiling when he recognizes his family, or when he runs to one to be picked up and loved a quick minute, trying out his new shoes, learning new movements with a play slide, or holding up a new book to be read for a minute—all these actions of discovery is what every grandparent should experience.  We thank our son and his family for making our Christmas one of those we remember  fifty years ago when he was the same age.

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