Friday, March 23, 2012

Check This Link

 I'm not one to brag, except on certain occasions. Our family is quite proud that one son's creativity (Scott Newkirk) is now published in a book called Handmade Houses: A Century of Earth Friendly Home Design. The link below is the article that ran in the Wall Street Journal, March 17 issue concerning the book. Son's property, now sold, is the featured hand made house. Hats off to Scott and to his loyal builder, Craig Petracek of NY, whose creative juices aligned with Scott's and flowed throughout the process.

The book is filled with gorgeous homes both architect-insprired and owner-creator inspired. A good read for tempting one to build with recycled materials.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your son's ecologically savvy summer house! My husband and I are looking for off-the-grid ideas for a home we can build ourselves. We also live in MS (Central) and I am finishing up graduate school after a 14 year career as an elementary teacher. (I hope to teach college and write now). We are a little disheartened that our state doesn't offer any net-metering or solar incentives for those wanting to live sustainably. Seems like we (Mississippians) are always the last on the totem pole to do anything smart. I hope that changes in the future. Thanks for your blog and for letting us see that your son has inherited your creative mindset (even if you don't cook). It's nice to hear from another kool Mississippian.
Jill Cooksey Nelson
Eupora, MS