Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Few Weeks Have Passed

since I ranted and raved about celebrating holidays. Regardless of how I felt, the celebration continued. I'm not one to avoid celebrating the time to remember why this is set aside, but the pressure of a lot of activity in the house at my advancing age is a bit much.

Thank you for the comment "dkzody" for agreeing with me.  You mentioning "curmudgeon" gave me a moment to reflect. I always associated that term with professors who couldn't keep up with their students. However, I did feel it a proper description for me.

I have a lot of projects in the works as a writer. I'm editing manuscripts of two friends, attempting to write stories about my past experiences, and a short account about my maternal grandmother whom I knew a short time. Perhaps the need to do that pushed me over the edge. I'm one of those people who has to be busy, knows when its time to stop and read a good book, work Scrabble on Kindle, or see the latest movie. I'm like my dad. I declared he'd die behind the lawn mower one summer day. He didn't. I figure I'll pass away in front of the computer trying to finish something.

I don't make resolutions any more. I make "reminders". They are usually posted on the wall near the computer and stay there until the stickiness disappears. A quick check to see if I've accomplished something mentioned and then into the trash can.

Another project in the works is a blog of my family stories. My free library class in "Mining your Memories--Writing Family Stories" has gone well. I've a notebook full of experiences of the past and present that my adult kids (tell me there's a better term) might take a minute to read. Also it is a means of letting my class know that although I'm not a perfect writer, I'm recording in the most interesting way the funny and the serious of my years on earth. I'm anxious for everyone to write stories, not so much from beginning to present, but little experiences of several lines to several pages to leave for your descendants. Progress has already warned us that what we do, say, believe, enjoy, hate will change drastically in the next 20 years and we should record stories for someone in our family to enjoy.

May the coming days and months bring blessings/goodwill to all of you.


ICecille said...

Wow. Lots of interesting insights. I love that you don't make resolutions anymore, just reminders. You certainly don't live a slothful existence...that's for sure. Great about your writing group. I like the idea of not necessarily writing a book but leaving some experiences. xo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, perhaps we should compare notes on the scarves. Mine is at least 15 years old, the gift from our department secretary. She bought one for each of the women teachers, matching the colors of the scarf to our coats. I had (still do, for that matter) a purple coat that I wore every day during our cold winters and kept hanging at my desk in our department office. The scarf made for a colorful addition. It is also very warm which was good on those days we had fire drills or had to be out on the yard for some reason.