Sunday, January 22, 2006

Chinese Buffet on a Budget

Today Sis and I ate at a new Chinese Buffet called "No. 1 Chinese Buffet." After entering the pleasantly-decorated restaurant, I agreed it had to be number one. Three aisles of hot and cold foods--a kaleidoscope of colors and tastes. Clean, organized,and such variety! Located in a new strip mall, the exterior can easily be seen by motorists making their way to and from the newest, busiest shopping center only a few miles south. This "all you can eat" place had dinner plates just a bit larger than a salad plate, so this fact encouraged me to finish a platter of shrimp and go after vegetables and meat on a second plate, followed by another plate of fruit and dessert. You can bet that the $7.95 cost for Sunday lunch included a variety of cakes, pudding, cookies and ice cream and unlimited drink! How can these folks make a living offering three dishes each of shrimp,chicken, pork; two choices of rice; five types of vegetables, those sweet rolls with a splatter of sugar on top; two kinds of soup; and those dessert for one price?? And their choice of fortune cookies even has updated fortunes. On the back side is one word or phrase given in Chinese and it's English counterpart. What a fun way to learn a few phrases!

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