Saturday, January 14, 2006

Winter Buds

Last week we had enough warm, sunny days to imagine we were in Florida for the winter. Early buds were pushing out of the the ground and appearing on limbs of flowering shrubs after receiving mixed seasonal messages. Our pansies were having a difficult time remaining pert--until this morning when the temperature dropped to the 50 degree range. Today they are smiling, standing upright and proud to be able to share their beauty with everyone. Pansies are planted as profusely as the Bradford Pear trees that surround our little city of Madison.

Around the corner of our house are two camelia/japonica shrubs, now as tall as the house. They are blooming and giving life to that side. I'm disappointed that cut flowers from this tree don't last in a vase of water. There's nothing like fresh flowers inside this time of year.

Down the street is a tall pyracantra full of winter red berries, providing us with color when we pass. Otherwise, yards are brown, dull, bare. The excitement of spring is relished in this subdivision, as we have many avid gardners who have showcase yards throughout the long hot summer.

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