Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lost and Found

My sister has an automobile you can spot in a Wal Mart parking lot. It's yellow. Like egg yolks. I often remark when I'm with her how easy it is to find her vehicle. However, I warn, you can't just go "anywhere" in this egg crate. Like, spend the night with a secret lover, or park in front of a bank when it is robbed, or drive in an unsavory neighborhood and expect not to be stopped. Still, I like the idea of a vehicle that can be identified easily.

How often I've parked my car, rushed in to make a purchase, then return outside and walk directly to a cream-colored automobile, put the key in the lock, only to peek inside and not recognize the contents. Or, I've rushed out in a hurry with a cart filled to the brim with groceries only to forget the car;s location. Then I have to push the concrete-heavy cart up and down all rows of the lot to find my parking space.

The most embarrassing situation I've recently encountered was leaving a store with a million parking spaces in front, unsure of which row, and walking down the supposed one, stopping to look at other rows approximately where I think I parked, and to have a young woman drive into the adjacent parking space. She rolls down the window and asks if I've lost my car. Sheepishly I admit I have. Describe the color and make, she says smiling. I did, while I was still bobbing my head right and left. "What about that one behind you?" she points-- and sure enough, I was standing on the passenger side of my own car! I had held my head high enough to look over rows of cars not to notice the cars at chin level.

I tell you, the next automobile we buy will NOT be the same color as thousands of others. Or I'll paint a purple stripe at the 4 corners of the bumpers!

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