Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ready to Sell

I've spent the last 14 years dabbling in a hobby. I never had time for one when I was teaching. All I did for nearly 30 years was grade papers. Oh, yes, I taught lessons and handled discipline and had hall duty. By the time I went to bed nights I was too exhausted to read a few pages from a good book.

When I chose to learn to make jewelry it was partly due to wanting something my husband R and I could do together at retirement. We took lessons in N.Georgia, one week at a time for 4 summers. Later I learned to bead and make silver chains.

Then I made an Episcopalian rosary for my sister. A tourist dropped by the church gift shop, saw my rosaries, bought a few and returned home--to Manhattan. Thus began my association with Trinity Church, located near Wall Street. For over 10 years I've supplied much more than rosaries, eager to add a new piece each year.

My dislike for beading flew out the window. I've learned to use a clay embedded with micrograms of silver flakes, called PMC, precious metal clay. As my bank account began to shrink because I bought beads every week, I realized I had to hit the sidewalks to peddle some jewelry.

The two photos above show my recent work: pendants--wrapping gemstones and glass beads with wire-- and making costume jewelry (I can do this more easily.) My fashion stylist son gave me a hint as to what designers would introduce this spring--purse charms. From a clip I hang chains to which I affix charms and beads. Not only for purse straps, these danglers--which I renamed "Swingers"--can be hooked onto belt loops, giving a smart look to a woman's jeans, shorts or pants. Since designers will be using more expensive materials, I think mine are better priced. I do have other colors. And other Swingers are made with vintage chains and beads.

What you see are in pink, as some of the proceeds will go to cancer research in honor of my sister who finished chemo last year, and for all who face the mountain of emotions upon hearing the dreaded news: You've Got Cancer.

If you are interested in purchasing either from me, drop me a line. The cross is attached for my church orders. I'll send you photos of the other styles and prices. If I receive a mail box full of inquiries, I may have to open a business blog! Now--wouldn't it be lov-a-ly?

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